The delegation of ANO MDTS visited the X World Urban Development Forum in Abu Dhabi.

Employees of the Autonomous Non-profit organization Moscow Directorate of Transport Services as a part of the Moscow Government delegation visited the World Urban Forum, which was held in Abu Dhabi from 8 to 13 February, 2020 under the auspices of the United Nations.
The Moscow delegation was headed by Sergey Cheremin, Head of the Moscow Department of Foreign Economic and International Relations, and Sergey Levkin, Head of the Moscow Department of Urban Development Policy.
Moscow presented a stand dedicated to the latest technologies and developments in the field of urbanization of the city. It is an interactive installation with a layout of the transport infrastructure of the Russian capital. It shows new types of transport, including the Moscow Central Diameters, the Moscow Central Circles and car-sharing, as well as the city's transport hubs and a mock-up of the metro-traffic shield.
Nikolay Asaul, Director General of ANO MDTS, spoke at three events of the business program: Innovative Mobility: How do Technologies Help to Make Urban Transport Sustainable?; Transforming Cities by Implementing Efficient and Eco-friendly Road Transport Systems; From the Personal to the Public. Responses of Megacities to the Challenges of the Transport Revolution.